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Are Texas home insurance rates unfairly high? (Dallas Morning News)

**Rates could be lower ...**

Re: "Texas homeowners again pay nation's highest rates -- Costs rise faster
elsewhere, but state still tops average for U.S. by more than $600," Tuesday
news story.

The concerns of many Texans about the high rates they pay for property
insurance are legitimate. As the article highlights, the state's overall
average premium -- nearly $1,500 per home per year -- is the highest in the
country. The fact that premiums have declined slightly in recent years in some
areas is small comfort for many homeowners.

However, blaming insurers for high rates is a political maneuver that ignores
the realities of the insurance industry. Insurers need to be able to react to
risk and charge premiums that allow them to remain solvent. The truth of these
high rates is simple: While Texas' rates are high because natural risks are
high, faulty government and private actions have made them higher than

In the short term, increased competition can reduce the rates, and in the long
term, the elimination of subsidies for development in dangerous areas can make
Texas safer.

_Julie Drenner, Texas director of the Center on Finance, Insurance, and Real
Estate at the Heartland ...

Dallas Morning News